Bicycle Photography Workshop

Bainbridge, WA 1 20 Moderate Intermediate All-Road Terrain


Cycling adventures often bring us into beautiful scenes. Capturing these memories in photos helps us relive and share our stories. Join Swift Adventure Co. and Bobby Arispe for day long clinic with great tips and tricks to document your next cycling adventure.

This workshop will introduce you to the elements of photography and help you understand what all the settings on a camera do. So that capturing the photo as you see it is easier and faster.

  • Expert instruction in photography techniques to enrich you cycling adventure
  • Approx. 18+ mile ride
  • Mixed pavement and dirt roads and trails
  • Follow-up “zoom” call to share photos and get additional advice
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Bainbridge, WA

Let’s learn the fundamentals of digital photography while exploring Bainbridge Island by bike. On this one-day hands-on field adventure, you will learn about the core concepts of photography from Bobby Arispe. This photography class by bike is an excellent place for folks new to photography to learn. It is also a worthwhile resource for those looking to refine their photography skills. Starting in Seattle, we will take a ferry ride to the bike-friendly Bainbridge Island. We ride at a social pace (9-12 mph) around Bainbridge Island, Washington, on roads and dirt paths. We will stop at multiple locations around the island to focus on different aspects of photography.

On our 18+ mile course around Bainbridge Island, we will make multiple photo stops to focus on different aspects of photography. The route we will ride will feature a couple of challenging climbs. We will always stay together and regroup after any climbs.
What you will learn
  • The elements of exposure: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO
  • How to adjust your exposure for various situations
  • Understanding all the focusing options with your camera
  • How to look for the light (how our eyes see light vs. our cameras)
  • Composing compelling images
  • Types of cameras, software, and accessories to continue your photographic journey
  • Combining photography and cycling

Follow-up Zoom Call:  May 9, 2023 – Time, TBD – join Bobby and you fellow classmates to share images caught durning the workshop and to ask follow-up questions.

What kind of camera/gear do you need?
Any current digital camera will work, but cameras where you can manually control settings, the better. Make sure you have a secure way to carry your camera while biking and bring an extra battery. Do you only have a smartphone? We can make that will work too.
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What's Included

  • Expert Photography Instruction
  • Awesome cycling route
  • follow up "zoom" call to share photos

Gear/Supplies You Should Bring

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