Kona X Swift Rove ST Rental

Skip town from Seattle, WA on a limited edition Kona Rove ST. You’ll have a blast on this steel all-road/gravel bike, whether it’s loaded or not. Book from our fleet for your guided Swift Adventure Co. travels, or for your own Northwest bike trip. The Rove ST is equipped with drop bars and disk brakes, and can be sent out of the stable with front and/or rear racks.

We just started a partnership with Smith Helmets. Bike rentals now include a Smith Engage helmet.

Pick-up and drop-off available Mon-Fri 9am-4pm

All rentals are due back by 4pm on the scheduled return date.

Please review our full Gear Rental Policy here.

*Rental does not include bags in images. Bag rentals are available.

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Trip No. 119
Swift Adventure Co.

Official Gear Info

Seattle, WA

Bicycle rental rates are as follows

1-day: $85.00  + $30ea. additional day.

2-Days: $115.00

3-Days: $145.00

4-Days: $175.00

5-Days: $205.00

6-Days: $235.00

7 Days: $265.00

Each additional reserved day: $30.00

Size Chart:

4’10”-5’1″ 147-155cm 24”-27” 61-69cm 48cm
5’0″-5’3″ 152-160cm 26″-29″ 66-74cm 48-50cm
5’2″-5’7″ 157-170cm 27″-30″ 69-76cm 48-52cm
5’6″-5’10” 168-178cm 29″-31″ 74-79cm 52-54cm
5’9″-6’0″ 175-183cm 30″-33″ 76-84cm 52-56cm
5’11”-6’2″ 180-188cm 32″-35″ 81-89cm 54-58cm
6’1″-6’5″ 185-196cm 33″-36″ 84-91cm 56-58cm

What's Included

  • Kona Rove Bicycle
  • Flat Pedals
  • Tubus Tara Front Rack
  • Smith Engage Helmet
Questions before booking?
Swift Adventure Co.
email howdy@swiftadventure.co