Swift Adventure Co. is hosted by a core team of expert bicycle guides, and each curriculum is brought to life with guest specialists and sidekick guides.

Swift Adventure Co. Guide - Jason Goodman

Founder & Lead Guide

Jason Goodman

Jason ‘Goods’ brings fifteen years as a bike mechanic, the skills of a mountaineering guide, and the contagious curiosity of a lifelong learner to all things Swift. Raised by passionate naturalists and never a fit for the conventional classroom, Jason’s curiosity and creativity are unlocked by life outdoors. A degree in Outdoor Education from Prescott College, honed Good’s ability to turn any campground into a classroom, and each trail into a lab. Every spare minute finds Jason fiddling with gear, refining Swift Industries designs, and on his way to the waters of local rivers for a few peaceful hours of casting. He works best with Loki at his heels.

Experience and Certifications:

  • Outdoor Education & Marine Science, BA Prescott College 2006
  • Wilderness Instructor, Prescott College 2005-2010
  • Certified Wilderness First Responder 2003 to current
  • Climbing Guide, Mountain Madness 2002-2005
  • Co-Owner, Swift Industries 2008 to current

The wildest day in his life

Leading a backcountry group safely out of the Grand Canyon during flash floods and a snow storm.

His favorite book

Good News, Ed Abbey

The longest adventure he’s been on

Two months paddling the Gulf of California

You ate what?


His hidden talent

Remembering the name of the street where he turned left on bike tour a decade ago.

The most challenging thing he’s ever done

Guiding a group of clients off the glacier fields of Mount Baker in whiteout conditions.

Estimated total number of nights spent in the great outdoors

At least 3000, and counting.

Swift Adventure Co. Guide - Martina Brimmer

Co-Founder & Occasional Guide

Martina Brimmer

Martina’s earliest memories are all outside, marauding with a posse of unkempt wild kids, climbing trees and running as fast as her legs would carry her. She’s still pretty much the same. She’s harnessed some of that nuclear energy and creative verve by founding and leading Swift Industries. The rest she pours into time on her bicycle.

Experience and Certifications

  • Adventure and Experiential Education Coordinator, Seattle Waldorf School 2011 to 2014
  • Co-Owner, Swift Industries 2008 to current
  • Life. 1982 to current.

The wildest day in her life

In a thunderstorm at the base of Achumani Peak, Bolivian Andes

Her favorite book

Mink River, by Dylan Thomas

The longest adventure she’s been on

Life. Well, okay, 21 days of backpacking the Northern Arizona Desert.

You ate what?!

Loved the beef heart and potatoes grilled in car hubs on the streets of La Paz, Bolivia. Five-star midnight snack.

Her hidden talent

Hearing people, and encouraging folks to hear themselves.

The most challenging thing she’s ever done

The SAT’s. Screw those.

Estimated total number of nights spent in the great outdoors

Well over 1000

Swift Adventure Co. Guide - Anna Brones

Adventure Artist Extrordinare

Anna Brones

Anna Brones is a writer, artist, and producer based in the South Puget Sound. She is the author of several books including Fika the Art of the Swedish Coffee Break and Live Lagom: Balanced Living the Swedish Way. She writes a monthly newsletter called Creative Fuel and also works as a papercut artist, handcutting illustrations from single pieces of paper. Her illustrations are featured in the new edition of the iconic cookbook, The Joy of Cooking. She regularly teaches creativity classes and workshops. She rides a Sweetpea and loves making coffee outside. See more of her work on her website or on Instagram @annabrones.

Swift Adventure Co. Guide - Kristen Bufe

Fly Fishing Specialist

Kristen Bufe

Hey all! I’m the self proclaimed dry-fly-diva of the Midwest, and I joined Emerald Water Anglers to build the women’s fly fishing community through guided trips, retreats, classes, and schools. With 10 years of experience on the water, I enjoy exploring Washington’s fisheries, tying flies, learning to row, and meeting new fishing pals. Come say hello!

Swift Adventure Co. Guide - Eric Wilkins

Master Maker

Eric Wilkins

In late 2014, Eric left his home state of Dela-where? and drove across the country to pursue a career in sewing and design in a city he barely knew but felt strongly about. Since making it to Seattle he has worked for a few small design companies and makers growing his skills, knowledge and street cred along the way eventually landing at Swift Industries as production sticher, then production manager and now Product Manager. He is a self-proclaimed newb in the cycling scene and strives to stay rubber side down both in the saddle and in life. An amateur photographer obsessed with shooting on film, you can generally find him with some old camera slung around his neck tentatively snapping pics. Along with shredding bikes and taking shots, he has been known to work on his own design ideas and create custom backpacks and bags in a secret lair somewhere deep below the damp, dreary streets of old Seattle.

Swift Adventure Co. Guide - Marley Blonsky

Body Inclusion Champion

Marley Blonsky

Bike adventurer, advocate and dog mom. She loves all kinds of biking – gravel rides, bike packing, commuting, and riding around town with her dogs in her cargo bike.

Marley is an ambassador for Shimano and Pearl Izumi, The Pro’s Closet, Chamois Butt’r, Floyd’s of Leadville, and is sponsored by

She works full time on All Bodies on Bikes, striving to make the bike and outdoor industry more inclusive. Check out her work at

Swift Adventure Co. Guide - Nhatt Nichols

Observational Cartoonist

Nhatt Nichols

Nhatt grew up on top of a mountain in north-central Washington State. Raised by survivalist parents, she grew up with a the ability to watch and observe the world around her as a permanent outsider.

Nichols graduated from The Royal Drawing School in 2011 with an MFA equivalent degree in drawing. After graduating she left London, ending a decade of living abroad to travel in her home country. After living in Brooklyn and Martha’s Vineyard, she settled in Port Townsend, Washington where she is the editorial cartoonist for the Port Townsend Leader.

See more of Nhatt’s work here!

Swift Adventure Co. Guide - Chris McNally

Adventure Illustration Instructor and Sidekick Guide

Chris McNally

Chris McNally is a Boulder-bred, San Francisco–based design illustrator. Cycling has informed his sense of purpose and has provided the community and the creative inspiration to crystalize a unique design aesthetic into a career doing what he loves. Chris’s curiosity for rediscovering the details in one’s own backyard, his love for the interplay of the built and natural environments, and his talent for breathing new life into the mundane with bold line work and dreamy watercolor, make him an incredible guest teacher at Swift Adventure Co.

Follow McNally’s work here.

Swift Adventure Co. Guide - Hailey Brey

Fly Fishing Specialist

Hailey Brey

Monday through Thursday, Hailey Brey is a Transit / Active Transportation Planner; a corporate wonk. Friday through Sunday, she makes up for lost time, and transforms into the filthiest of troutbums. Originally from the heartland, Hailey grew up fishing for carp using a box of Wheaties and a spin-rod, biking for miles along flat cornfields, and desperately vying for the attention of busy farmdogs. Over a decade later, on a SACo. Bikefishing trip, she rediscovered how to “play” and it changed her life. While the pups still ignore her, “play” now includes pursuing trout with a fly rod and biking up PNW hills just to go down ’em. Hailey hopes that by teaching, she can help make fly fishing & its related skills (river ecology, aquatic entomology, grace, & patience…) transparent and approachable…and maybe find a few trouty-folxs will follow her down the rabbit hole of obsession.

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