SACO Ability Scales

Many of the Swift Adventure Co. trips and workshops incorporate cycling with other pursuits such as fly fishing, drawing, painting, or wild food foraging. We have put together this scale to help guide your decision on whether a program is a good fit for your ability level or to head steer your preparation for your adventure. We have broken the scale into two parts, Cycling Ability and Field Pursuit Ability. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns,

SACo Cycling Ability Scale

  1. Casual
    Bicycle riding at its most relaxed. Dedicated or protected bike route, mostly paved with some hard packed dirt/gravel rail trail routes, for riders with a basic cycling background. Expect 10-15 miles per day, mostly flat with a few gentle hills 100-300ft of elevation gain. 
  2. Easy Going
    Great for newcomers to bicycle touring who are comfortable on the road and ready to expand their skills. Terrain will be mostly paved with some hard packed gravel/dirt rail trail routes. 10-20 miles per day, Back-to-back days depend on trip duration, mostly flat with a few longer climbs 100-800ft of elevation gain.
  3. Moderate
    For active individuals who are ready to ride for a full day. Expect variety in the route with a few serious climbs and descents. Mixed surface (pavement & dirt) 20-30 miles per day, Back-to-back days depend on trip duration, with 500-2000ft of elevation gain.
  4. Stout
    For cycling enthusiasts comfortable with long days in the saddle, mixed surfaces (pavement & dirt & single track), and climbing. 20-50 miles per day, Back-to-back days depend on trip duration, hilly terrain with at least a couple of long climbs 1000-3000ft of elevation gain.
  5. Strenuous
    For experienced riders capable of spending multiple days in the saddle. Routes will be mixed surfaces (dirt & pavement & single track) and may include significant elevation gain and loss, We will be climbing a mountain… not really but kinda,  30-60 miles per day with 2000-5000ft of gain.

SACo Field Pursuit Ability Scale


  1. BeginnerNo Experience needed, just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.
  1. IntermediateSome experience needed. Guests should be familiar with the topic and practice/participate in this pursuit several times a year. Our trips will generally start off with some refresher practice to help brush off any cobwebs.
  1. AdvancedYou love this stuff and cannot get enough of it. Guests should be well practiced in this pursuit and it likely has a regular place in your life.

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