Bike(fly)fishing – FTW-NB Beginner school September 2023

09/22/2023 - 09/24/2023 Oso, WA 3 Days 2 30-50 miles Easy Going Beginner All-Road Terrain


Join us on this 3-day Femme, Trans, Women & Non-Binary* centered bike(fly)fishing Journey as we explore the waterways of the Salish Sea Watershed

Fly fishing and bicycles have something mesmerizing in common: both deepen our experiences in the great outdoors, challenging us to listen, look and intuit our surroundings in a way that brings us closer to the natural world. Come with us as we fuse our passions on a 3-day pedaling and casting adventure on the edges of the Salish Sea surrounding Seattle. We’re eager to share days of exploring winding roads and meandering rivers, honing our fishy senses, and escaping city life with you.

Whether you’re new to flyfishing or a seasoned angler, bikefishing is bound to bring new insights and enrich your flyfishing experience.



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“This was transformative. I didn't grow up around fishing or camping, so to be able to ease into it and be in a beginner-friendly environment that didn't assume any knowledge made the experience so much better. - Ellen”
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Official Trip Info

Oso, WA

You’ll start your adventure by meeting your Swift Adventure Co. (SACo) guides at our base camp in Oso, WA (about 1.5hrs from Seattle). Once we establish camp, our expert flyfishing guide, Kristen Bufe, will walk us through the fundamentals of fly fishing from the art of reading water down to getting a knack for casting.

Over the next couple days we will set out by bicycle, using van support when needed, to explore the fishy water of the PNW.

Each evening will find us at a camp where we’ll relax together with delicious open-air meals and good times around a roaring fire to wrap up the day.


Friday 22rd, Meet your guides in Oso, WA and get swept away to fishy water and winding gravel roads. After setting up camp we will head out for a pleasant ride from camp. Once settled at camp, we spent the afternoon learning some basics.

Saturday 23th, After a hearty breakfast, we will load up our bikes with snacks and fishing gear ready to spend the day out advancing our skills, exploring the river, and hopefully catching a fish or two.

Sunday 24th, After breakfast and packing up camp we will talk about  bugs and how to identify them and how to select the right one for the water. Late morning we will hit the water for a couple more hours before making our way back into town.

Skills you will gain include:

  • Fundamentals of fly casting & basic casting techniques.
  • Reading Water
  • Basic knots
  • Insect ID & Fly selection

Experience needed:

  • Comfortable riding 10-20 miles
  • Eagerness to learn and have a good time in the outdoors.

No fishing experience needed.

Coming from out-of-town? Don’t hesitate to contact us about lodging recommendations and travel logistics, we’re happy to help! Travel without the hassle of bike cases and heavy gear. We have premium gear and bicycles for rent, and all Field Experience guests receive special rental rates.

Feeling giddy about your upcoming adventure? We are! Here are a few of our favorite books, podcasts and resources ’bout fly fishing and the magic of the Northwest.

The River Why, by James Duncan

The Fly Tapes, Episode 14 with Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate

Salmon Dreams, Dylan Tomine

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding, logistics, schedule, trip details etc.

*Celebrating FTW-NB-focused spaces: At Swift Adventure Co. we’re committed to creating spaces that center female participants and guides to adventure spaces where you can thrive, learn and grow together. Please note that while this is a women’s specific school, the experience will be supported by a CIS-male person. 

Please Review our Cancelation and Covid-19 policies

What's Included

  • Escape to a beautiful place
  • Expert fly fishing instruction and education
  • Fly fishing supplies-tackle, rods, wader, etc.
  • Bicycle logistic and support
  • Support and gear vehicle
  • All camp meal, snack, & refreshments (some restaurant and store food not included)

Gear/Supplies You Should Bring

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