Bike Camping 101 with Roxy Robles

06/01/2022 - 06/01/2022 Peleton Cafe - Seattle, WA Beginner

It’s spring! That means it is bike camping season and the lead up the annual Swift Campout. Join Swift Adventure Co. as we host Roxy Robles and Swift Industries for a fun filled workshop. Wether you are a seasoned bike camper and need to dust off some cobwebs or a first timer who is bike camping curious, you will learn something new and meet new bike friends.

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June 1st, 2022

6pm @ Peleton Cafe 1224 E Jefferson St, Seattle.

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Peleton Cafe - Seattle, WA
We, here at SACo and Swift Industries, are stoked to be collaborating with Roxy Robles for our 2022 Swift Campout. This Bike Camping 101 workshop is intended to encourage and empower the new and curious bike camper to get out there and explore the PNW by bicycle. Along with leading this workshop, Roxy will the leading the Farm Roads Edition Campout ride June 25-26. Learn more about Swift Campout HERE. Folx going on Roxy’s ride are encouraged to attend.
In this 45 minute class, Roxy will take you through the basics of attempting an overnight bike trip. Topics include:
  • choosing and preparing your bike
  • bike luggage, what to pack
  • what to wear
  • safety
  • hygiene
There will be time to discuss camping skills and route planning, but since these are huge topics in themselves, these topics will not be covered comprehensively.
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